Accounting services for private persons

  • Annual tax and accounting closure according to the national legislation; Your business is developing, but you still do not have many of the documents, you are concerned that you are late and might miss deadlines, but you do not have enough time to organize your accounts, you cannot fill out your annual tax return on your own, you do not you know whether you have to register under the Law on VAT?

    We have a solution for you, we provide the following service "Annual accounting and tax closure, filling in a tax return and compiling annual reports". We can offer you a correct contract for an accounting service, for complete filing of your documentation and free advice throughout the year. We will review your documentation, advise you on how to issue and keep the primary accounting documents and accounts registers. We will sort, classify and process the whole accounting information for the financial year. We will prepare the statutory reports in the form approved for your type of business. We will compile your tax return by taking into account the type of taxation for your business. We will submit all the compiled documents to their statutory recipients - NRA, NSI. Thus you can be confident that you have complied with all the statutory obligations and deadlines correctly and you will not be sanctioned.

    In case your company had no business operations during the year, you have an obligation to file a tax return with the NRA - a special form for companies with no business operations (if you are a legal entity). You must submit a declaration to NSI that you had no operations. You must also file a zero operational report with the Commercial Register at the Registry Agency. This report is in the form for operational businesses, but some elements are stated with zero values. Failure to comply with these requirements will result in sanctions from the relevant institutions.

    We can prepare all the documents that have to be filed with NRA, NSI and the Commercial Register.
  • Preparation of tax returns for natural persons; If you are a natural person who is required to file an annual tax return but are not sure that you can manage on your own, take advantage of our service: "Compilation of an annual tax return for natural persons". We will fill out the relevant appendices on the basis of the provided documents, we will calculate your tax liability, we will prepare a payment order or a payment slip, so that you can pay the amount due to the budget and we will submit your tax return. Thus you can be confident that you have complied with all the statutory obligations and deadlines correctly and you will not be sanctioned.
  • Accounting, tax and insurance consulting; If you have questions about accounting or tax cases, if you are an employer and have an employment dispute with any workers, if you are a worker and you think your rights have been infringed upon - you need specialized advice. You can visit our office for an oral consultation (you have to make an appointment beforehand) or we can provide advice in writing on a specific case.
  • Preparation of documents and reports for loan applications to banks and other financial institutions (preparation of reports, forecasts, etc.); you want to expand your business, you need additional funding, and contact a bank for a credit product. The bank will require you to submit reports and financial indicators of your company, usually according to predefined parameters and forms. Our accounting office will prepare all the required forms, with all the necessary financial information. You only have to be approved and focus on your business!
  • Preparation of statements and reports to NSI if you are included in a sampling; According to the Law on Statistics, NSI collects and processes information in order to provide statistical information on various aspects of the economy. Most commonly "statistical sampling" is used for this purpose - NSI selects, at random, companies from different sectors of the economy and requires them to fill out forms with regard to their business, on whose basis the parameters for the development of the economy in the different sectors are monitored. These reports are either monthly or quarterly. If you are in such a sample and you cannot cope with the required parameters, then we will help you by summarizing all the necessary data, completing the forms and submitting them to NSI in due time electronically.
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